Due to the pandemic and in-person meetings being at a distance with mask protection, all public classes will be held virtually at this time. See below for listings.


If you are interested in booking a private in-person or virtual class, I would be happy to discuss possible plans for that.

Thank you!

Dough and Icing 101

A Guide to Baking and Mixing

Join this class and gain insight from Emily of Crumble Catering Co. into best practices for the perfect cut-out sugar cookie dough and royal icing with the softest bite. Your cookies will give you that sugary-vanilla kick you're looking for without overpowering sweetness.

Halloween Cookie Decorating

Beginner to Intermediate

If you're a die hard fall fan and Halloween is your spirit animal, this class is for you. Get your hands a little sugary and come decorate these Halloween themed cookies!

Winter Cookie Decorating

Beginner to Intermediate

Coming soon!




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